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17.356 marketing addresses in the category Authorities from Germany

Diese Adressliste der Branche Behörden in Deutschland umfasst die komplette Postanschrift sowie Email-Adresse und Telefonnummer.

marketing addresses Germany marketing addresses in Austria marketing addresses in Switzerland Firmenadressen Vereinigtes Königreich Firmenadressen Niederlande
Bayern: 3.506 Businesses
Nordrhein-Westfalen: 2.237 Businesses
Baden-Württemberg: 2.452 Businesses
Niedersachsen: 1.699 Businesses
Rheinland-Pfalz: 1.172 Businesses
Thüringen: 1.011 Businesses
Schleswig-Holstein: 622 Businesses
Brandenburg: 734 Businesses
Sachsen-Anhalt: 788 Businesses
Berlin: 339 Businesses
Hamburg: 205 Businesses
Hessen: 1.061 Businesses
Saarland: 106 Businesses
Sachsen: 1.072 Businesses
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: 555 Businesses
Bremen: 107 Businesses
Total - 17.356 Data Records With address - 17.356 Businesses
With e-mail - 386 Businesses
With website - 7.431 Businesses
With phone number - 17.356 Businesses

We also offer the addresses for other countries: Germany -> 17.356 Businesses Switzerland -> 1.815 Businesses Austria -> 1.773 Businesses

The data is delivered as a standard .csv file.
If you need the data in a different format (e.g. xlsx, ods, mysql), please inform us about your desired file format.
We do not charge a surcharge for standardized and common file formats.
If you only need certain fields from an address list, we can prefilter them for you.
Therefore you get exactly the data you need.
You are also welcome to receive special data extracts, e.g.:
only 4 star hotels - in Munich plus a 60km radius - that are equipped with a sauna.
We have many address lists and databases in preparation that are not yet published on the website.
Just inform us about which data you need.
We will find the perfect solution for you!
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from Germany: 0800 4022900 *
* Free of charge for you from the German landline and mobile network
from Austria: 0664 594 8383
** Free of charge for you from the Austrian landline and mobile network
international: +49 (0) 174 2649009
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