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Information on the GDPR

Our marketing address lists and the GDPR

Since May 2018, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has replaced the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG)..
The GDPR is a standardization of the data protection law on an EU basis. Basically, the GDPR refers to the right to personal data of a person.

Die Datensätze unserer Adresslisten stammen ausnahmslos aus freien, öffentlich zugänglichen Quellen.
The UWG (law against unfair competition) regulates how the address is to be carried out by phone and / or email.
Die Emailadressen haben KEINEN Opt-in bzw Zustellvereinbarung.
For the two aforementioned reasons, warnings in connection with the use of our address data are very unlikely.

The new GDPR generally relates to the relationships between entrepreneurs and private individuals (B2C). These sections cover, for example, the right to be forgotten or also the company’s obligation to provide information on data from private individuals.

What has changed now?

Existing customers:
Ihre Bestandskunden können nach wie vor ohne Einwilligung angeschrieben werden. Da die Erweiterung der Kundendatensätze erlaubt ist, können Sie passende externe Daten zuspeichern.

Public directories
You are allowed to use data from publicly accessible directories. Publicly accessible sources are for example: Google, commercial registers, web directories, company pages, Federal Gazette, association pages, guild pages etc....
Our data lists come, without exception, from such sources.

Advertising B2B
You can write to companies, but only to the company address. Enriching the existing data with personal data is not permitted. There is an exception for your existing customers. The personal email address, direct dialing contact or private address may be saved there.

That has not changed!

Generell ist Werbung per Post nach wie vor erlaubt. Telefonwerbung B2B ist dann erlaubt, wenn ein wirkliches Interesse an den zu bewerbenden Produkten oder Dienstleistungen besteht. Der Gesetzgeber spricht dann von einer mutmaßlichen Einwilligung.
As an example: You offer a real estate agent office a broker software --> harmless.